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Our approach

Professionals and successful entrepreneurs in the agribusiness are linked up with students and greenhorns to develop a stronger african farmers network.


Meet with professionals in agribusiness


You will have an opportunity to communicate with world class business minds

Find Jobs

Job opportunity is the least of what you are going to get being a student of this masterclass


You see yourself working with agribusiness administrators and leaders

We strive to bring out the best in you.

“I am just so grateful to Agribusiness Masterclass for creating something so incredibly unique that allows me to keep learning, innovating, and networking with really interesting people”


We create a community

You need the right support behind you and your dream!

Business Networking

Access to tangible benefits by creating professional contacts in which you can share beneficial knowledge

Environmental Solutions

As a community, we come together to solve environmental problems.

Finance Fundamentals

Understand basic financial concepts, learn ho to analyze performance and unlock the true sources of value creation

Strategic Farm Design

Adapting swiftly to the changes to the immediate and global agricultural markets

“If you haven’t had a look at the Agribusiness Masterclass, the mega instructors you have the privilege of learning from could be the catalyst you need to jumpstart your career, business or startup.“
A Farmer and Enterpreneur

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