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Consumers have become increasingly more concerned about the quality, safety, and environmental-friendliness of food. Consequently, organic farming has become one the fastest growing segments of agriculture.

However, lack of technical know-how on how to start and run an organic farm profitably hinders many from taking advantage of the opportunities within the organic food industry.

This Organic Farming Masterclass will walk you through proven guidelines to effectively start and manage organic farm business that makes profit. You will be guided, step by step, in developing soil fertility plan, pest management protocols, assessing customer needs, and setting marketing objectives.

By the end this masterclass, you will know how to integrate core organic farming principles into an effective farm business plan that optimizes profit and sustainability goals.

In this module, you will learn the basic principles that guide organic farming systems from brilliant experts with 40+ years of combined experience in this field.

In this module, you will learn the practical principles that improve soil fertility and develop overall nutrient balance in your organic farm.

In this module, you will learn how to recognize, identify, manage and prevent crop stressors like pests, insects, and weeds that are likely to attack your organic crop and livestock.

In this module, you will learn organic farm record-keeping tactics, requirements, and legal process to complete an organic certification application and become a certified organic farm.

In this module, you will learn how to interpret, develop and track a realistic, yet profitable plan for organic farm operations such as cultivation, food production, packaging, storage and marketing of organic products.

In this module, you will learn organic market diversification and how to carve your niche. You will develop effective business strategies to identify, produce, package, brand and distribute sellable organic products to your target audience at a global scale.

How the Masterclass Works




3-5 hours per week


Under 30 people


1 Capstone Project


100% online


Instructor led

Experts and Coaches

Dr. Cornelius Adewale

Research Associate, Washington State University

David Granatstein

Retired Professor of Sustainable Agriculture, WSU

Olusola Sowemimo

Founder and Organic Farmer, Ope Farms

Andy Horgan

Director of Science & Data Management at Farmwella

Prof. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs

Professor, Washington State University

Daniel Adeniyi

Co-founder, GidiCakes and GidiEggs

Olawale Rotimi Opeyemi

Founder and CEO, JR Farms Africa

April Thatcher

Founder and Farmer of April Joy Farms, USA

Dr. Gbenga Adeoluwa

Associate Professor, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Femi Aiki

CEO, Foodlocker

Brad Bailie

CEO, Lenwood Farms, Washington State

Saheed Adams

Project Manager, Eweko Concept

Sneak Peek Into Organic Farming Masterclass

Module 2

Organic Farm Certification

Module 4

Organic Pest Management

Module 6

Organic Farm Marketing

Module 8

Organic Soil Management

Agribusiness Masterclass provides an effective and viable means of rapidly regenerating health and fertility in agricultural soils, enabling farmers to operate more productively and profitability without the use of chemical inputs, thus protecting the world’s waterways, insects, and animal populations. Restoring the Soil Food Web in agricultural soils also promotes the capture and sequestration of substantial levels of carbon from the atmosphere by returning it to our soils, providing the potential, if implemented on a global scale, to reduce atmospheric carbon to safe levels as identified by the IPCC.

Prof. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs

Professor of Soil Science, Washington State University

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Benefits Of The Masterclass

Goals And Objectives

The goals of the agribusiness masterclass are to provide information and experience for the participants in the following areas:

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