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Mary Onyeka has taken responsibility for herself in her home country of Nigeria, by creating a job that many look down on and she has become very successful at it. Mary Onyeka has become something of a viral sensation after she joined our Agribusiness Masterclass. The 25-year-old operates her own lucrative 2 acre farm in Nigeria producing vegetables

Mary Onyeka  is a 25-year old agropreneur from Lagos, Nigeria. Her company produces cucumber in large scale. Mary is a beneficiary of the Agribusiness masterclass. The Agribusiness masterclass was formulated to create decent rural employment opportunities for Nigerian youth in agriculture. It is expected to create 750,000 jobs for the youth over a 5-year period. So far, 6,618 young Nigerian agropreneurs have been trained in different value chains.
Through the Agribusiness masterclass, Mary was able to set up a commercial cucumber  farm in Lagos, called Mary Farms.


Mary Farms is rapidly expanding and can currently boast of 5 regularly contracted young employees. But in peak seasons, the farm provides additional temporary job opportunities. Mary sells Mary Farms products locally in Lagos State, to markets, individuals and restaurants. The Agribusiness masterclass funds allowed Mary Farms to improve in infrastructure, set up a presence online and therefore increase its clients’ base. The company has seen significant progress in the past years.

Mary’s success story has gained attention in the media and has been featured on CNN’s African Voices. The opportunity from the media has taken the business to a new higher level. Her farm is now regularly organizing fieldtrips to the farm with schools, to encourage students to learn about agriculture and develop interest in building a career in agriculture. This would enable the youth to explore the agricultural sector as a business and employment opportunity.



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Soil health is probably the most important aspect of crop management as it deals with the soil properties

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Practice organic agriculture to produce a clean environment

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Seeds undergo genetic engineering techniques to produce certain traits.

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